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ECG Certification

ECG for Healthcare Professionals Certification 

By the end of this certification class, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize heart anatomy and physiology
  • Understand cardiovascular blood flow
  • Describe the electrophysiology of the heart, including the effects of the nervous system
  • Comprehend ECG complexes: P wave, PR interval, QRS complex, ST segment, T wave, QT interval, J point, U wave; then recognize their abnormalities
  • Demonstrate proper electrode application and placement
  • Recognize different types of ECG systems: 3 electrode, 5 electrode, 12 lead
  • Explain the electrical principles of the heart's conduction system
  • Understand the components of rhythm strip paper
  • Analyze ECG rhythms including, but not limited to, atrial/junctional/ventricular arrhythmias, atrioventricular blocks, BBBs, etc

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